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Portfolio Page!

2010-10-30 12:08:28 by Celx-Media


I am a flash based webdesigner, I use "Adobe Flash CS4 Professional",
along side a "wacom graphire 4 tablet" for graphic design work,
Here is my webdesign portfolio:


1). Lake Cop II
(Cobra Track by Stephan Wells)
2). Diamonds Billiard Club
3). Tortilla Heights
4). Audio Suicide
5). Casdro Music
6). Yara Deserbelles


1). Fabwell Construction
2). WM Flutes
3). Qualicum Trading Post
4). Banana Wolf Pictures
5). Dana Foundations Organization
6). Treadz Tire And Wheel

1). Parksville Real Estate (Header only)
2). Mexico Real Estate (Header only)
3). Tru Line Dental (Dental application, available only by request)
4). The Child Vampire's Lament (Programmer)

Adult Jobs (NSFW):
1). Desires XXX Porn
2). Alandas Panties

Animation Work:
1). CoolJaw: Darkly Dreaming
2). Shark Black: Snowblind
3). Dirty Squirrels Pilot
4). Tank Half Full "Love Like An Automobile" Music Video

1). CoolJaw: Darkly Dreaming (2'nd, Critics Pick)
2). Shark Black: Snowblind (5'th)

Prior work will be presented upon request.
Any questions feel free to contact me!

List of official sites:
1). http://www.celx-requin.com
2). http://www.shark-cinema.com
3). http://celx-requin.newgrounds.com/
4). http://celx-media.newgrounds.com/
~ Celx